1. If you haven’t registered as a user, you need to go through an online registration @ and also follow steps 2 – 6 below.
  2. Fill in the user information and check the instruments you may use.
  3. Obtain a charging purpose code from your advisor or your departmental financial advisor to which you will be billed for the usage. Fill in complete account information.
  4. A web scheduling account can usually be arranged and activated as soon as your information is inputted correctly. After that, you may book the instrument of your choice based on your own schedule using
  5. For training, after you book your time, you need to send an email to Dr. Yong Zhao (, Mr. Chaoya Han (, Dr. Fazle Elahi ( and Dr. Chaoying Ni ( to request for a confirmation from one of them about their availability. You will then be advised either to keep the schedule or to cancel current schedule and re-schedule a different time.
  6. Facility is on the first floor in the research wing (section on Lovett Avenue) of the Harker ISE Lab and the offices are located at 164, 258 and 250V Harker ISE Lab.


Facility address is 221 Academy Street, Newark, DE 19716, at the intersection of Academy Street and Lovett Avenue.