Resolution: 0.10 nm Lattice
0.19 nm Point
Accelerating Voltage: 80 to 200 kV
Magnification: 50x to 1,500,000x
STEM Capibility: STEM BF and HAADF
GIF, EELS, and
Digital Imaging:
Energy filtered imaging; Analysis of light elements; Multiple scan CCD
FasTEM: Remote image transmission and remote operation
FasTEM High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope
Applications: XEDS, EELS, Imaging Filter, SAED, CBED, STEM, HAADF STEM, HREM, Diffraction Contrast Imaging
Accelerating Voltage: Up to 200 kV (50 V steps)
Filament: Zirconated tungsten (100) thermal field emission tip
Resolution: CTEM 0.10 nm lattice / 0.19 nm point-to-point
STEM 0.16 nm high angle annular dark field (HAADF)
XEDS System: Horizontal ultra-thin Window Si-Li X-ray detector (active area = 30 mm2) capable of detecting elements with Z > 4
EDAX detector with EDAX acquisition software
EELS System: Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) for electron energy loss spectroscopy and imaging
Image Acquisition & Analysis System: Gatan 794 cooled multi-scan CCD TV camera for high resolution imaging
Gatan 692 Retractable TV rate CCD TV camera
Sample Holders: JEOL single-tilt holder
JEOL double-tilt analytical holder
Gatan 636 double-tilt liquid-nitrogen cryo-holder
Gatan single-tilt liquid-nitrogen cryo-transfer holder
Other Accessories: Free lens control, fully independent control of all lenses
FasTEM remote Windows 2000 server based control system
Location: ISE Laboratory – Room 155