Auriga 60 CrossBeam


SE 15kV: 1nm; 1kV: 1.9nm
STEM 30 kV: <1.0 nm
e & i+ coinc. point: 2.5nm at 30kV
Accelerating voltage and range of beam current:
e: 0.1-30kV; 4pA-100nA
i+: 0.5-30kV; 1pA-50nA
Detectors for Imaging:

  • Chamber: SE, BSE, i+, STEM BF/DF
  • In-lens: SE, EsB
Five-gas injections (GIS): C, Pt, SiO2, XeF2, H2O sel. C etching
X-MAX80 Oxford 80mm2 SDD XEDS and EBSD
Omniprobe 200.2
Correlative Microscopy
Zeiss Auriga 60 High Resolution Focused Ion Beam & Scanning Electron Microscope
Applications: High resolution FIBing, imaging, compositional and structural analyses
Auto slice & view
3-D reconstruction of images, XEDS maps and EBSD phases/orientations
TEM sample prepataion
Cryo SEM
Correlative microsocpy
Bright field & dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)
Accelerating Voltage and Beam: e: 0.1-30kV; 4pA-100nA
i+: 0.5-30kV; 1pA-50nA
e Beam Column: Schottky FEG
Gemini column
i+ Beam Column: Liquid Ga
Orsay Physics Cobra FIB column with 2.5 nm resolution
XEDS/EBSD: Oxford Synergy X-MAX80 & EBSD
Cryo SEM: Leica EM VCT100 Vacuum Cryo-Transfer System
Location: ISE Laboratory – Room 174