COVID-19 Phase-3

Use of instruments in Phase-3 Return-to-Research under COVID-19

Each user needs to have the approval from PI/Dept/College/RO to work in phase-3 research (no additional approvals necessary for existing phase-1 & phase-2 users). Only authorized users, i.e. those who can operate instrument independently, may access the facilities at Keck CAMM. Training is being provided currently for those users who have received prior training, yet with limited experience. Staff may have limited time to perform microscopy characterization for priority/urgent research at PI’s request. Please send training and/or other requests to Chaoying Ni

Hours and days (updates weekly or as needed):

  1. 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, for the year 2021 till further notice.     For any off-hour use, please note additional details in the user protocol*.
  2. Please leave a gap of minimum 1 hour between users on the same instrument, during which time, our staff will inspect/clean the space and instruments.
  3. Please inform any of our staff onsite or email us (@udel: yongzhao, cni, chyhan) as soon as you finish your session so that we can clean and prepare for next access.
  4. In the case that your online scheduled hours need to be adjusted to minimize the user density in the microscopy suite, you will be contacted for rescheduling.
  5. If you need to schedule other times, please send a separate email to for confirmation and/or discussion.
  6. Any updates will be posted based on the change of circumstances.

*User access protocol:

  1. Go through the screening/check-in list in the lobby of Harker Lab research wing.
  2. Wear face-mask throughout the use of microscopy suite.
  3. Use gloves whenever necessary.
  4. Bring your own tools as much as possible.
  5. In general, no more than 3 users per room in each microscopy lab (room 171-174, 155, 157-159) following the general 6 feet social-distancing protocol (if <6 feet ONLY for <15 min).
  6. Maximum 8 occupants in 154 while following the general 6 feet social-distancing protocol (if <6 feet ONLY for <15 min).
  7. WIPE workspace including keyboards, desks, mice, etc. with by user at the beginning and end of each session (wipe with provided wet paper-towel).
  8. Spay sanitation/disinfection is performed by staff only.
  9. DURING OFF-HOURS, i.e. weekday 8:00 am – 9:00 am, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm and weekends,
    1. Users are responsible to carry out thorough cleaning of the workspace at the beginning and end of each session.
    2. Make sure a buddy system is followed, i.e. someone is around and quickly available when informed.
  10. Fill the logbook accurately with sufficient details.
  11. Please note additional information and posters in each room where you can also find our cellular phone numbers. Please call if you have any issues and questions.
  12. Follow UD Research-Office/Facility guidelines and training requirements.
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